Know The Options In Alternative High Blood Pressure Treatment

Know the Options in Alternative High Blood Pressure Treatment

Know the Options in Alternative High Blood Pressure Treatment

The moderate stress just like the one caused by simple Blood Pressure Support Review exercise helps improve the health and eating less calories seems to force the body for more efficient metabolic processes that puts the brakes on aging. Just to sum up all said above. It takes a special person to be hungry... and an even greater one to stay that way.

If you want to stay healthier and prolong your life span, stay hungry in two ways. In how you workout and literally... stay a bit hungry before you go to bed. Not starving... just a bit hungry. Do consult your doctor about taking 500mg of potassium and 1000mg of magnesium/calcium a few hours prior to bed as this can help you with the hunger pangs.

Is your blood pressure reading greater than 140/90. If it is you have at least stage 1 hypertension and you are probably on blood pressure medication. How happy are you about that. Having to rely on a pill every day to keep a deadly disease from doing more damage to your body is not the way you imagined your life was going to work out is it. Not only do you need the drug, but sometimes the drug itself makes you sick. High blood pressure medication comes with side effects. But you know that all too well.

Well here's the surprising news. Actually it's not surprising at all, it's always been around but so few people pay attention to it. You can literally drive your blood pressure down by 20 points within 3 weeks. If you are at 140/90 now that means you could be at 110/60 and that is, well that's below normal.


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