Fixing HP Office Jet 3800 Troubleshooting Issues|

Fixing HP office jet 3800 troubleshooting Issues|

Fixing HP office jet 3800 troubleshooting Issues|

You may encounter a very few common errors while you Print or work 3800 with the HP office jet 3800 Printer. The below available suggestions may help you to fix these common errors.

Tips for HP office jet 3800 troubleshooting issues:

Low-Quality Prints

In case if your HP office jet 3800 Printer proffers low-quality prints, then make sure if you utilize only genuine HP cartridges. Also, verify if the HP toner or cartridges are compatible with the HP Printer model. In order to find jet pro 3800 the compatible cartridges for your printer model, you need to visit the HP sure supply page and submit your country or region details along with the Printer model. Now HP will let you know the compatible Cartridges.

Accumulation of Print Jobs

Sometimes the Print jobs may get accumulated in the Print pool or the Queue. This eventually makes HP Office jet pro 3800 printer support number the Printer idle and stops from printing. In order to the error, you can delete the Print jobs in the queue and make sure the Printer works normally. You can also try restarting the HP office jet 3800 Printer.

Cleaning Cartridges

At times simple cleaning of the cartridges may also fix the printing issues. So you can also try cleaning the Ink cartridges. All you can do is to navigate HP Office jet pro 3800 printer Drivers to the HP office jet 3800 Printer Control panel and swipe the display option and then choose Setup Icon. And then you can choose the tools Option to clean the Cartridges. Moreover, you can check the Ink Level of your Cartridges.

Good Quality Papers for Printing

HP always recommends its users to use good quality paper while printing your documents. Make sure you avoid papers with curls or wrinkle. You can also avoid making use of plain paper and start using papers with Color Lock technology. Verify if you have loaded the papers in proper means and also always make sure the paper you load is clean and wrinkle-free.

Printer Offline issue

In order to resolve the Printer offline issue, you can download and install the Print and scan doctor diagnostic tool. This tools when launched will automatically resolve the issues that occur with the HP office jet 3800 Printer.

Additional Tips

Try verifying the HP office jet 3800 Printer settings by printing a test page. This will help you to identify if the Printer settings are accurate. Also, verify if the Printer Alignments are fine.

Furthermore, for any assistance on Tips for HP office jet 3800 troubleshooting issues, call us or visit our site HP Office jet pro 3800 printer helpline number 844-393-6353.





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