Living The Goal Rule Means Living Happily

 Living the Goal Rule Means Living Happily

Living the Goal Rule Means Living Happily

Well, it's going to take some practice. TruthThe Light Code Reviewbe told, most of us don't end up as adults who live the golden rule. We all know if, but we're socialized into thinking it's a dog-eat-dog world, where we are all pitted against each other. Not only are we told to think this way, but we're actively pitted against each other all the time in school, in sports, in the workplace. We're told one thing, and made to do another.

So you're going to need to practice being a passionate, empathetic person who sees no difference between your neighbor and yourself. The first thing you need to do is figure out just how you want to be treated. Maybe you like the constant warfare of modern society, and if that's the case then don't change anything. But if you feel like you can live in a more loving world, then define the new world you want to live in. Then, once you understand the world you want to live in, you have to make yourself a citizen of that world by acting in accordance with it.

Some good places to start are to work on your compassion, your empathy, your helpfulness and your friendliness. Work at thinking in another persons shoes and understanding where exactly they are coming from and what causes them to act the way that they do. Once you are able to deeply understand other people, you're going to be in a good position to want to end their pain and suffering, and to make concrete actions to improve their lives. People aren't that scary, and the scary ones usually are just hurt, and it's amazing the changes you can make in your life and others when you approach them with the idea of giving to and helping them- when you meet people with your palms up, and not with what they can give you. Instead of being stingy and just helping yourself, you need to make the extra leap to help others as well.


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