The Causes And Cure Of Hemorrhoids

The Causes and Cure of Hemorrhoids

The Causes and Cure of Hemorrhoids

What exactly are Hemorrhoids?In a medicalMigraine Care Reviewsense they are enlarged or swollen veins. They are somewhat similar to varicose veins that develop in the legs, except that these are veins located in the anus. These veins cushion and protect the anal canal. Problems arise when these veins are stretched and tear under pressure, resulting in the familiar discomfort and pain experienced with hemorrhoids.

One may experience hemorroids as either internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are located higher up in the anus and normally manifest themselves as stools covered in blood or blood on the toilet paper. Sometimes the hemorrhoids will protrude from the anal canal, in which case they should just be pushed back inside.

External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, exist as hard lumps that can be felt by hand and are extremely painful compared to internal hemorrhoids. These may also cause bleeding which will be seen on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl.


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