The Best Diet For Fat Loss

The Best Diet For Fat Loss

The Best Diet For Fat Loss

Is it a balanced, healthy plan? If yes, continueThe Beta Switch Reviewto question two. How do I feel on this eating plan? If you feel sluggish or ill, obviously it's probably not right for you. Developing and practicing the art of listening to your body. It will serve you well in many situations.

Yup, consistency. That thing I am always harping on. Is this a plan you could stick with, not just long enough to reach your fat loss goal, but as your lifestyle plan from this day forth? I think if you can honestly evaluate a diet for fat loss in this way, you'll find what will be best for you.

Of course, there is no magical eating system that will melt off three pounds a day. But eating lots of fruits and veggies, maintaining proper protein levels with low complex carbs and low junk intake is the best diet for fat loss as well as a healthy life.

A number of books have been released in recent years on body typing to aid in weight management. I know Dr. Mercola has one called "Take Control of Your Health". It's based on determining what your nutritional type is. I haven't read it yet, but I totally respect him and read his newsletter religiously.


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