What's The Benefit Of Eating Healthy To Lose Weight?

What's the Benefit of Eating Healthy to Lose Weight?

What's the Benefit of Eating Healthy to Lose Weight?

I ate a lot of brownies in two years. Almost every week  Half-Day Diet Review from the day Chris and I got married in 2003 until I ended up in the hospital completely burned out in 2005, I made brownies. And ate them. It wasn't just eating brownies that caused me to gain almost forty pounds - it was a culmination of poor decisions. not exercising, eating poorly, working too many hours, not sleeping enough.

And enough was enough. After plateauing at 170-pounds give or take for a year, I lost forty pounds give or take and replaced those weekly brownies with a weekly weigh-in and weekly measurement taking.

It may seem a little compulsive, but it's what helps keep me on track. Week by week for almost three years I've been journaling my weight, and measurements of my chest, arms, waist, abs, hips, and thighs. When I started training a month ago, Brandon told me every four to six weeks we'd re-evaluate my fitness assessment. It's a much more in depth assessment with more measurements, body fat percentages, weight, and how well I'm improving with my actual level of fitness.

Now, something Brandon said when I told him I've been in the habit of taking weekly measurements was to not rely on my scale as a reputable source of effort. But every week without fail, I'd still continue weighing and measuring myself hoping to see some kind of improvement. And despite my bi-weekly butt-whooping from Brandon, and saying no most of the time, anyway to the peppermint mochas, the numbers on my scale barely budged.



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