Natural And Alternative Ways To Manage Muscle Pain

Natural and Alternative Ways to Manage Muscle Pain

Natural and Alternative Ways to Manage Muscle Pain

Fibromyalgia is a syndromeJoint Pain Hack Review, rather than a disease with a definite cause, which means that it is a condition characterised by a collection of symptoms which may or may not be related. Fibromyalgia means literally pain (algia) in the fibres (fibro) of the muscles (myos). The pain occurs in distinct areas, unlike the generalised aching muscles that you find with, san flu, chronic fatigue syndrome or calcium deficiency.

Massage therapists call the sore lumpy spots on the muscles 'knots', which they unravel by pressing and rubbing. Usually there is one knot per group of muscles. Sometimes the pain spots are found in tendons and ligaments but these do not form knots as these tissues cant shrivel and roll up into a ball.

There are various pathways to fibromyalgia. Muscles that are repeatedly strained due to constant use (eg, during jogging, tennis, domestic chores) often get sore. This is primarily due to accumulation of a waste product called lactic acid. This occurs in the following way. Normally the energy you need to contract muscles is released when glucose burns with oxygen to product carbon dioxide and water in the muscles. But if the muscles overwork the oxygen supply from the heart and lungs cannot speed up enough to match the demand. The result is that the glucose is not fully oxidised and, together with the limited oxygen supply, forms lactic acid. It's this that makes muscles cramp. You will have seen marathon runners brought to a halt because of this. After rest and massage, the oxygen supply is restored, the lumps and cramps disappear and the pain fades away.


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