Push-Up Power

Push-Up Power

Push-Up Power

If you have spent much time around cats, you might already  Metabolic Stretching Review be well aware of the benefits that can come from frequent bouts of brief and gentle stretching. For instance, they sleep in one position for several hours, wake up and do a bit of yawning and stretching and then begin wandering about without seeming to encounter any difficulties in terms of easy and fluid movement. This is because they do this sort of stretching throughout each day and night, and when people must remain stationary for hours on end, it helps to emulate a cat. In other words, it is tremendously beneficial to get up and stretch out from time to time throughout the day.

Even if you can't get up from the workstation or office chair in order to stretch, we are going to show you some handy ways of giving your muscles, circulatory system and brain a boost through simple stretching and movement. These movements are going to become an essential part of your day because they will enhance your mood, clear your mind, greatly reduce incidences of back or muscle ache, and always deliver a nice lift to your energy levels.

Of course, stretching works for the body because it enhances circulation too. For instance, the Mayo Clinic 2011, Mayo Clinic, agrees that stretching increases blood flow to the muscle. What happens is actually very simple...the contractions that occur as you stretch trigger a circulatory response.

This brings blood to the muscles being used, but there is another benefit - nutrients are carried to the muscle and waste is carried away. This means that you feel better immediately after stretching because the body is cleaning up any accumulated junk, but it also means that an injury is healed faster if you stretch the muscles that have been damaged.



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