Tips To Remember In Order To Have Clear Skin

Tips to Remember in Order to Have Clear Skin

Tips to Remember in Order to Have Clear Skin

Salicylic acid or Beta peels is hydroxybenzoic acid SKN Renew Review  found in willow bark. Salicylic peels usually come in two strengths of 20 and 30 % and a ph of 3.0 to 2.0. Salicylic peels work best for excessively oily skin, retention keratosis, and active acne grades 3 and 4. Salicylic acid peels chemically devour surface lipids and keratin creating more visual sloughing of the stratum corneum than AHA's.

Salicylic peels create a quick inflammatory response in the skin and the client will feel heat ranging from warm flushing to extreme heat. Thus the phrase "melt down peel". You can help alleviate any discomfort they may have by offering your client a hand held fan. Jessner's peel solution is a combination of three different acids. 14% lactic acid, 14% salicylic acid and 14% resorcinol in a denatured alcohol base.

Jessner's peel is light sensitive due to the resorcinol, so be careful to make sure the lid is closed tight after each use and store away from light. It is difficult to over peel with Jessner's due to the fact that this peel works primarily in the stratum corneum. Some people can be very sensitive to the resorcinol so it is best to take a patch test several days before the scheduled peel to be safe. Jessner's creates a lot of heat response or marked vasodilation in the skin.

Temporary darkening of the skin can occur due to the resorcinol. Jessner's can also cause excessive exfoliation which some clients may or may not want. All these symptoms are temporary and subside within 10 to 14 days. If your client has a very compact normal stratum corneum or has recently undergone deeper peels, do not be surprised to have little to no exfoliation. It is possible to perform Jessner's peels on someone and see no sloughing because of this. So proper skin assessment to determine how much stratum corneum is present is important.


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