My Daily Routine That Helps Me Stay Focused

My Daily Routine That Helps Me Stay Focused

My Daily Routine That Helps Me Stay Focused

While one of my Facebook friends was listeningSubliminal Tracks Reviewto our last Webinar, she began to wonder what I do on a daily basis to stay focused & centered. She also wanted to know what brings me back to a place of confidence when I find myself stressed or discouraged. These are great questions, and I'm happy to share my daily routine with you.

The biggest thing that I do is called my "Hour of Power." For me, this is 20 minutes of relaxation, 20 minutes of reading, 15 minutes of exercising, and I recently added 5 minutes of worry time. Now, let me explain exactly what I do during this "Hour of Power."

Now, this may be a little unorthodox and it may sound a little strange to you, but bare with me. During these 5 minutes, I think about anything that's bothering me or anything that I may be stressed out about. When the 5 minutes is over, I don't worry about it anymore. Later on in the day, if a stressful thought comes into my head, I just tell myself - "I'll think about that tomorrow during worry time." So, by doing that, I'm not stressed out during the day. I stay relaxed and focused on my goals for that day.Most days, I don't need the entire 5 minutes. I may only need 30 seconds (or 0 seconds because I'm not stressed).

I use this time to look at my vision board, and think about/visualize my goals. That keeps me focused and centered. To achieve success, you must have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. If you don't know what you want or if you have a fuzzy vision, you will get fuzzy results (you will get some of what you want & some of what you don't want).


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