The Problem With Fat Cells

The Problem With Fat Cells

The Problem With Fat Cells

In the end, these quick weight loss schemesFlora Spring Reviewtypically cause people to gain back all of the lost weight they lost, if not more. This process of losing weight and gaining it back happens frequently and many people go through multiple phases of losing and regaining weight. This is commonly known as yo-yo dieting and it is one of the worst things you can do for long-term fat loss because of how your fat cells respond to weight fluctuations.

Before getting to the fat cell problem, it is important to note that people who follow healthy eating and exercise programs can also experience weight fluctuations, although they are usually not as drastic. If you are someone who has used a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight/fat in the past, then chances are you have already experienced this to some degree yourself.

One of the difficulties with maintaining long-term fat loss is having to keep up with your exercise and nutrition. Consistently eating healthy and exercising can be a challenge and it is certainly easier to let yourself slack a bit over time. This usually happens after people experience some positive results and begin to feel content with they way they look and feel. In general, the closer a person gets to their ultimate goal, the more likely they are to lose some dedication and stray from the program that got them to where they are.

This is really just human nature, because is harder to maintain the drive and discipline to improve when you are somewhat content with your current weight. When it comes to fat loss, this is problematic, because eating more or exercising less usually leads to gaining some fat or losing some muscle. After a while, the negative changes to your exercise and nutrition will add up and you will eventually gain weight until you get to a point where you become unhappy with your body. This is when people typically rededicate themselves to consistently eating healthy and exercising in order to lose their recently gained fat.


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