Relieving Extreme Foot Pain - 8 Ways To Do It Without Surgery

Relieving Extreme Foot Pain - 8 Ways To Do It Without Surgery

Relieving Extreme Foot Pain - 8 Ways To Do It Without Surgery

Another great product that can help prevent or treat the problem  Fungus Eliminator Review is an athletic pair of socks. These socks can help keep your feet dry especially when you are on the go. The sweat in your feet and the moisture in the feet after showering can be absorbed by these socks, thereby keeping your feet dry. It is however important that you change your socks often. Reusing your socks is not a good practice as this only invites fungal infection to settle in.

I felt like taking off my shoes and socks, just to scratch my feet. My husband told me that I had athletes foot. Even though I had not been to a gym or a locker room recently I was convinced that it could not have been an athletes foot. However my husband also had an athletes foot when he played football in college and my symptoms matched his.

I had fixed an appointment with a physician hence I mentioned the itchy feet to my doctor. After a looking at my feet briefly, my doctor stated that I had athletes foot. He further went on to explain that athletes foot is a fungal infection of the feet and toes that lives on the surface of your skin. These fungal cells can survive on wet warm surfaces for a period of time, so this is how athletes foot passes from one person to another so easily in locker rooms and pool areas.

Though I explained to my doctor what I had initially told my husband about not being in any of those places of late, he only retorted that I could have picked it up from some place else. He advised me that the best way to treat an athletes foot is to use a powder or cream for it and to wear cotton socks.


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