Provillus - The Natural Hair Loss Restoration

Provillus - The Natural Hair Loss Restoration

Provillus - The Natural Hair Loss Restoration

Don't let the tag male hormone fool you. While this Hair Envy Review hormone is predominantly found in males, it is present in females too in small quantities. This hormone when reacts with an enzyme, produces a substance called DHT Dihydrotestostrone. This DHT hinders the blood circulation in the scalp and prevents the hair follicles from accessing the blood supply.

This causes them to shrink and make their hairs thinner. Within a short while the hair falls off and the follicles lose all ability of producing hairs. This is the simple reason behind thinning of hair that finally leads to baldness. Since the root cause of the problem lies in irregular blood circulation due to DHT, a baldness cure with circulation improvement logically makes a lot of sense.

This can be done with the help of the effective ingredient Minoxidil. This is the only ingredient for treating hair loss that has been approved by the US FDA for safety and effectiveness. Minoxidil works by reducing the Androgen in the blood stream. This in turn causes a reduction in the quantity of DHT being produced inside the body and revives the blood flow to the follicles.

The follicles then regain their original size and start producing new hairs again, effectively preventing baldness from spreading any further and covering up any existing bald patches. You can further enhance the effectiveness of this ingredient by including foods like whole grains, lentils, spinach, nuts, and soybeans in your diet. All these foods are rich in B vitamins like B6 and B7, which are very helpful for having a healthy hair growth.


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