Type 2 Diabetic? Avoid These Diets!

Type 2 Diabetic? Avoid These Diets!

Type 2 Diabetic? Avoid These Diets!

Look carefully at the diet that hasBlood Sugar Formula Reviewbeen planned for you. Will you be able to stay on this diet for years? Will this diet provide the daily nutrition that your body needs? And finally, will this diet help control your blood sugar and lower your blood lipids (fats), as well as taking off the pounds? You'll want to do some research to find answers to these questions.

If you're satisfied with these answers, then you can probably begin this diabetic diet and enjoy it for a long time. But if you're not sure you'll still be enjoying it in the future, or whether it will really give you the results you require, then you may want to look at some other diet options.

There seem to be as many opinions on diabetes nutrition as there are people writing about it. When you begin looking in bookstores at all the publications on this topic, you will probably be even more confused. Just remember that because you are diabetic, you have specific dietary needs that must be met. Look for a well-balanced, interesting reducing diet without extremes of limitation. You will be eating this way for a long time, so be sure you're comfortable with your diet choice. While you are doing your research, be very cautious about these three types of diet:

Diets that emphasize low-fat or fat-free foods. Your body needs calories. People on low-fat or no-fat diets often end up gorging excessively on carbohydrates just to make up the necessary calories. You probably already know that diabetics need to pay special attention to carbohydrate intake, because too many carbs can interfere with the treatment for your disease. Besides, research has shown that the body requires, and should consume, certain types of fats. Look for plant oils (olive, canola, peanut) and stay away from animal fats (butter, fatty meats, cream).



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