Infectious Diabetes And Obesity A New Genetically Engineered Plague?

Infectious Diabetes and Obesity  A New Genetically Engineered Plague?

Infectious Diabetes and Obesity A New Genetically Engineered Plague?

The issue has to deal with obesity and type 2GS-85 Blood Sugar Reviewdiabetes. Over the last several decades, obesity and diabetes have become epidemic. Children, adults, poor people, wealthy people, Americans, Africans - all over the world people are becoming obese and developing diabetes. We are concerned that the current epidemic of obesity and diabetes may be caused by a new problem, never before considered because it never before existed.

Of course, when you think of the cultural/lifestyle causes of obesity and diabetes, the answer quickly comes that these people need to eat less and exercise more. Our lifestyles have become sedentary, and people have become more spectators, and less doers. And catering to this "market" is a large supply of dietary products, weight loss methods, and pharmaceuticals, like insulin.

It is this insulin that plays a key role in the new crisis.Insulin, of course, is a hormone. It is active in very minute concentrations. All hormones are chemical messengers and facilitators that allow our body's organs to keep integrated and modulated as they perform their vital functions. Insulin is a very important hormone, responsible for getting sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream absorbed by the cells, which need the sugar for energy. The cells have receptors for insulin on their cell membranes, which act as "locks" for which the insulin is the "key", turning on the cell to take up the life-supporting sugar.

Without the effect of insulin, the cells would not be able to drink up the sugar from the bloodstream, and would starve. The blood "spills" the sugar out in the kidneys, and into the urine. This condition of reduced insulin activity and sugar in the urine is called diabetes.


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