The Awesome Power Of Divine Speed

The Awesome Power of Divine Speed

The Awesome Power of Divine Speed

Consciousness, has a peculiar propensity to seek  Life Wisdom Matrix Review to materialize itself into physical form. It is not content just to Be, but exteriorizes itself from an inner reality into as many perceivable physical forms as it can. The consciousness of human beings exudes invisible consciousness particles, smaller than any known or unknown physical particle.

The smallest of these particles is what your scientists arbitrarily call the God Particle. These consciousness units attract other like units, still beneath the level of physical perception, each unit sensing its potential to swarm and group into more complex groupings, until they reach a certain pitch and level of intensity and are propelled through the psychic barrier separating physical and non-physical reality systems as simple electromagnetic units that represent the first entrance into the physical system of these incipient atomic structures and finally into objects and events in your world of matter.

These electromagnetic particles jump the imaginary fence from invisible, non physical energy particles and in so doing, become the first manifestation of physical matter. This miraculous breaking through would never have happened were it not for the unimaginable striving and determination of All That Is to BE and to create.

These electromagnetic units know their potentials and will collect and form either simple or more complex physical constructions by eventually expressing themselves through atomic structure. I am not going any deeper into this than to say that as there are physical rules that govern your exterior, three dimensional world, so there are definite rules that govern the inner actions that eventually enter the physical system and coagulate into objects and events.


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