Diabetes Exercise

Diabetes Exercise

Diabetes Exercise

Insulin resistance is the inability of theNucentix GS-85 Reviewbody's cells to correctly respond to insulin. Previously, I stated that insulin acts as a key -- a key designed to fit specific receptors or "locks" on the surface of your body's cells. Sometimes the cells of the body will change the locks, and while the why is not completely understood, researchers have determined that carrying excess fat, especially abdominal fat, and a lack of regular exercise play a role in the body's development of insulin resistance.

Normally, the pancreas will release insulin when there is an increase in blood glucose, typically after you eat a meal or a snack. Insulin helps glucose enter cells to be used for energy. In the case of insulin resistance, the insulin "keys" do not fit most of the "locks" on the cells, so very little glucose actually enters the cells. The extra glucose continues floating around in the blood stream, the body ends up sending another signal to the pancreas to release more insulin. As this continues, some of the beta cells (the specialized cells in the pancreas that produce insulin) end up burning themselves out. This ultimately puts an additional burden on the remaining beta cells to produce more insulin, which antagonizes an already vicious cycle.

The best way fix the broken lock and key problem? Diet and exercise.Exercise can benefit you in multiple ways when you have diabetes. This article will explore the various ways exercise can help you in your quest to conquer diabetes.

The first thing exercise does for you is help you burn calories, which helps you lose weight and helps you maintain a healthy body weight. However, losing body fat has benefits other than just weighing less. Remember me saying that carrying more body fat increases the chances of developing insulin resistance? Read on.



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