Why You Need To Test Http Delays On Your Website

Why You Need to Test Http Delays On Your Website

Why You Need to Test Http Delays On Your Website

If you need to start another instance of a program that is Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 Review  already running on the Taskbar, you Shift + Click on the task item and that will start a new instance of that particular program. If you have a situation where you need to start another instance of a program in elevated mode administrator mode, press Shift + CTRL and click on the currently running Taskbar item. This will start another instance in elevated mode.

If you have multiple instances of a program running and you need to restore the last active window, CTRL + Click on the Taskbar group. This will allow you to cycle backwards through the open windows starting with the last opened window. A program or Taskbar item Jump list is a pretty useful tool and offers many selections without having to go through the menu system. For example, open the Jump list on your Library folders by Right-Clicking on the icon and it will show your most frequently opened folders and files.

Using the Windows Magnifier to enlarge a portion of the screen is very handy; to use the Windows Magnifier, press the Windows key and either the Plus key or the Minus key. For additional choices on the magnifier, Click on the magnifying glass. If you use multiple monitors, this next item will be very useful.

To move a window to another display, press Shift + Windows key and press the right arrow key. This will move the window on the left screen to the right screen. To move in the opposite direction, it is just a matter of using the left arrow key. To quickly resize windows on a screen, press the Windows key and one of the arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys will dock a program window to the left or right hand side of the monitor. The up-and-down arrows will maximize or minimize the window in the center of the monitor.



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