The Best Way To Make Money From Money

The Best Way to Make Money From Money

The Best Way to Make Money From Money

So again, what is the best way to makeAbundance With Money Reviewmoney from money? Various principles come to mind.Find out what other people will buy. Someone has suggested that the customer is the best marketing expert. The temptation, of course, is to get this backwards. I buy what I like. I invest in what I like. I go all romantic on the business opportunity, the "can't lose" investment, the golden product... and only afterwards do I think about what other people like. And what they will buy.

Even when we are aware of the principle, getting it backwards is easy to do. And you may indeed like what others like. But you get the idea. "The fool and his money are soon parted," but the wise find out what people will buy before they find a way to give it to them. Bet on the horse running downhill, not the one puffing uphill.

Look before you leap. Do your research. Test small before going all the way. Yeah, this is like the first point, but broader. We may not have a crystal ball, but we can look at history. Company reputation. Demograpghics. Trends. Traps. Financial fundamentals.

If you want to make money from money, it does not have to be a glamorous process. It just has to work. And you have to make it work. Research first. Of course if you have money, you can pay someone to do such research for you, to find the markets and the opportunities. But at some point you need to sail familiar waters, even if it is knowing who and what to trust. Would you rather make money in an area you know or fly blind?


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