Where Do You Go To Build Wealth With Joseph Wealth Systems (JWS)

Where Do You Go to Build Wealth With Joseph Wealth Systems (JWS)

Where Do You Go to Build Wealth With Joseph Wealth Systems (JWS)

Within the development of one's career, a man comprehends Abundance With Money Review  the wish to give a better start to his children and family. One starts pondering over something to pass on to his descendants. The most rational thing is to pass on knowledge or the possibility to gain it. Here the matter of creating savings comes in, that is, creating wealth. How to realize it. How to save. What is the best form to pass on the wealth.

Deposits are the cheapest source of financing for banks. Most deposits in international banks do not cover inflation in domestic currency. Meanwhile, inflation grows. Looking back into history, according to This Time is Different by Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhardt, the median inflation in the world between 1500 and 1799 was 0.5% per year, 0.71% between 1800 and 1913, 5% in the 20th century 1914 - 2006, the century of uncontrolled money printing. The gold standard was actually suspended some 40 years ago, which means that even though a 5% rate of inflation did not happen in a day, the beginning of the century was less inflationary than its end. The worst is yet to come...

Therefore, deposits do not create but destroy one's wealth. The main conclusion we may draw is that wealth should be kept in assets, not in cash. In the Forbes ratings, we see people whose wealth is regularly re-calculated. It is indeed calculated in money value though, in reality it is the cost of assets that changes.

Some may stand up for real estate. Prof. Jack Francis, Baruch College, and Roger Ibbotson, Yale University, show the numbers of latest generations. dwelling realty yielded 8.6% on average annually, commercial 9.5%, while investments into stock provided 13.4% annual income. The conclusion seems obvious.



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