Who Is Entering The Retreat?

Who Is Entering the Retreat?

Who Is Entering the Retreat?


History books portrays Nostradamus as more of an Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Review  artist than a prophet, as he presented his visions through a collection of verses entitled Centuries, which is comprised of 942 poems written in a cryptic manner. Nevertheless, many people interpret the image of Nostradamus as a man who can look into the future and tell us the events that await us in the next few years. The Nostradamus End Of The World has probably become one that has taken everyone's interest, especially with the fact that it can somehow be correlated to other predictions and signs from various beliefs.

Take for instance the beliefs in Mayan culture; the world is believed to last only up to 13 baktun a measure of time in the Mayan calendar which signifies 144,000 years, which means that the world will only last until the last month of the year 2012. It is said that the day, in Julian calendar, falls on the 21st day of December, 2012. leaving us with only a few years of life on earth.

Relating this with the events that Nostradamus was said to have predicted with great accuracy. he has actually stated in some parts of his poems about a man who is black in attribute and the death of whom would bring chaos to the world. With this, we currently have president Obama as the leader of a truly powerful country that might be capable enough to dominate the world which might also lead to having a lot of enemies who would want the president dead. The president's regime would end on the year 2012, and so many kinds of questions arise with these coincidences.

With the Nostradamus End Of The World version lingering around for many years, people cannot help but to tend to believe the many stories that they hear about this matter. Regardless of what the truth may be, all these mysteries that we are so curious about would surely unfold in due time.



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