Fumbling Patiently With Impossibility


Fumbling Patiently With Impossibility

Many people are routinely twistedDuality Reviewup in theological wreckages over Scripture verses like this one. Jesus is merely using a rank hyperbole to demonstrate a principle that's so real to life it beckons our utmost attention. He's merely using a literary device he always used in the vocal sense; indeed hyperbole is used throughout the Bible and actually in all cultures.

But, here's the principle...I see this miracle occurring in my world, all around me, all the time. Whenever people are found relying on a God-filled hope they achieve little and large things that beforehand were considered improbable to impossible - when essentially no one would back them.

Seeing miracles is an everyday fact for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.The Real Focus on Impossibility Jesus is not interested in debating little points of technicality. He certainly doesn't want us to either. Jesus hated the technocrat tactics of the religious legalists and scribes. Technicalities miss the point - the wood is not seen for the trees. Technicalities get us nowhere near the realisation of impossibilities.

Instead, Jesus has for us this gorgeous faith-reality that smiles humbly and faithfully at the jaws of impossibility and goes about what it can anyway!



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