Strategies To Optimize Your Workout

Strategies To Optimize Your Workout

Strategies To Optimize Your Workout

Classic forms on the other hand have been developed Metabolic Stretching Review  to provide a method of practice that explores a much larger set of dynamics in motion. And this is the key. They are composed of linked chains of movement which are meant to exhaust every imaginable path of motion within the limits of the style. As a result these chains of movement train body mechanics, energy, breath, and application methods, in a more balanced and comprehensive way.

Again, this is accomplished by simply using a larger dynamic range of motions such as shuffling, stepping, walking, leaping, jumping, turning, leading, following, leaning, and so forth to train each technique with. And while it may be more difficult and take longer to train this way. It leaves one with a much larger and more useful skill set.

These chains of movement, and the superior skills they are meant to build, are what I call the Movement Engines. They have been put together not just as a representation of the skills of a single martial arts sage, but of many sages combined. It is important to understand this in order to see that the forms being comprised of collections of Movement Engines, must be trained and examined as such in order for us to benefit fully in a martial arts sense.

The levels of skill to be gained through their practice is not just a normal thing either - it is often truly beyond what we would consider to be our limits. That is why it is called kung fu. The forms, the traditional forms contained within the many styles of classical kung fu, may not be designed to win a lot of competitive events; and they may take more than a simple meat and potatoes approach to understand as well; but if you study them earnestly and practice them diligently and try to find all the Movement Engines contained within them, you will be walking along the same paths tread by many of the greatest martial artists throughout history - that's not too bad.


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