How To Use The Power Of A Feng Shui Dragon

How to Use the Power of a Feng Shui Dragon

How to Use the Power of a Feng Shui Dragon

Dragons are among the most popular symbols inDuality ReviewFeng Shui - these creatures command the elements and can change their size from large to the size of a worm. A dragon in feng shui represents success, prosperity, power, good changes, good luck in love, and spiritual growth.

Success and prosperity: having the image of a feng shui dragon in your home or office will help to bring success and help achieve new heights in life.Good luck in love: they activate and help attract love.Power and good changes: the dragon creates good Chi energy with its every breath, and improves the life of its owner.

Spiritual growth dragons symbolize wisdom. According to a 2000 year old legend, the souls of people make a journey into the higher realms on the back of a dragon. In addition, it is a mediator that transmits human desires to the Universe to make them come to life.How do you use a feng shui dragon? Since these creatures are associated with water, choose one that is colored green, blue-green or golden yellow. Dragons are associated with the east (the energy of the rising sun), so it is best to place its image or figurine in the East of your home or office. Its image can be placed anywhere, because this creature is connected with all major zones; yet, it is going to be more powerful in the east. Dragons strengthen the active and bright Yang energy, so their images are best placed in living rooms or dining rooms, not in bedrooms. The image of this magic creature can decorate the east wall in your living or dining room.


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