Are You The Winner In A Suffering Competition? A Seven Step Solution

Are You the Winner in a Suffering Competition? A Seven Step Solution

Are You the Winner in a Suffering Competition? A Seven Step Solution

Have you ever known someone (or does it describe you?)Subliminal Tracks Reviewwho seems to believe that they suffer more than any others have ever suffered... to the point where it becomes their identity? There is an element of, "My suffering has been greater than yours... or anyone else's!" They actually seem to have an aggressive attitude with their suffering, as if there is a suffering competition and they are the obvious winner. Perhaps it is part of the human condition to be somewhat narcissistic with our suffering. Unfortunately, what frequently happens when we are in the midst of a "pity party" is that we totally discount the suffering of any other beings on the earth.

Think a bit about what could be the psychology behind wanting to win the "Suffering Competition". It could mean that you neither have nor feel compassion for others. It probably means that you need to triumph as the "top of the heap" of suffering. It likely means that you discount the suffering of others and think only your suffering counts.

If you are a person who is the King or Queen of Suffering and want to give up your crown, what are some steps you can take?Focus on gratitude. Start to be thankful for every good thing in your life. Be thankful if you're warm and inside during terrible weather. Be thankful if the sky is blue. Be thankful if you have soap to clean your dishes and clothing. Be thankful that you can eat when you are hungry. Be thankful that you can pray and meditate and calm yourself. Be thankful if you have work and income. Be thankful when you have transportation. Be thankful for your mate and your family and friends. Be thankful for a warm bed at night. Show appreciation for all you have.


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