Why You Are Clenching Your Jaw At Night?

Why You Are Clenching Your Jaw At Night?

Why You Are Clenching Your Jaw At Night?

To begin with, you should of course always goMigraine Care Reviewand see your dentist or even local doctor. I know going to visit these places can be unpleasant, but they will give you the right advice and tell you if there is any underlying conditions that you should be aware of. But if you really don't think it's worth it and you want to find out what you can do safely at home for your jaw clenching then read on. A lot of the time jaw clenching is caused by stress and bad posture. When you stress, you build up tension in your body. When the muscles in your jaw become tense; they move less freely and become rigid. This moves the position of rest for your jaw into a different spot and causes your jaw to clench.

So now that you know what's causing your jaw to start clenching all day and even jaw clenching at night, what can you do to stop it? One of the most effective ways to stop jaw clenching, is to practice awareness. Awareness is simply taking note of the feeling in your jaw and thinking about why they happen. So take note of when your jaw is clenching and try to figure out why. Is it because you're stressed at work, does it happen at a certain time or place, or even around certain people? Notice the changes in your jaw and when you start clenching, take a few minutes out and lie down or sit and relax. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply for about 3-4 minutes. If you are clenching your jaw at night, do this before yo go to sleep. This will relax your entire body and a sort of chain reaction will happen. All the big muscles will relax, release pressure and tension in the smaller muscles until finally your jaw will start to relax and you can stop clenching your jaw.

Have a think about the way that you're sitting right now. are you sitting with a straight back, with your shoulders back and your lower back strong and straight? Chances are like most people that you're slouching. It's easy to start doing it, but if you slouch all day at work either sitting or standing it can have painful consequences. The pressure builds up on the smaller muscles that are forced to do work they normally wouldn't. This in turn leads to pressure on your jaw as other muscles rely on it to take some of the load. This build up in pressure could be responsible for your jaw clenching. Try sitting in the correct way now and notice how it affects your jaw. It should feel like it relaxes a little when you sit properly.



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