Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is part of the range of body therapies to combat stress and chronic fatigue! Forget about soothing and sweets eaten at midnight! This is a massage that acts in depth, through movements similar to that of relaxation, but much more intense. The wide pressure will release the muscles from contractures and tensions.

Muscle fatigue should not be neglected! This is the first step in the process of illness and premature aging. A Chinese proverb says that a man's real age is given by the degree of mobility he has! Muscle fatigue has a variety of causes, such as: poor nutrition, smoking, air pollution in cities, low water consumption per day, lack of sports or, on the contrary, excessive sports.

Deep Tissue Massage is the most effective way to combat muscle fatigue and its unwanted effects! It is a way of relaxation and, at the same time, a holistic way of treating the body.

Immediate benefits, but also long-term benefits

It fights acute and chronic fatigue
Stress control
Reinvigorating the body
Helps improve correct posture
Prevention and relief of muscle aches and pains
Prevention and relief of back, neck, middle, and foot pain
Maintaining muscle tone
Improvement of the immune system

In Deep Tissue massage, the therapist combines various forms of movement used during the relaxation full body massage in kailash colony, but the pressure is stronger. In agreement with the client, the therapist gradually increases the pressure to a maximum acceptable point. From here on, the pressure is kept constant throughout the procedure.

We use movements from the oriental technique called “lomi lomi”, which is the main part of Deep Tissue massage. The “lomi lomi” technique involves the use of the forearms, elbows and hands. Long and continuous movements are performed, without interruptions or, on the contrary, saccadic movements accompanied by joint streching and scalp massage.

This type of massage helps reduce muscle inflammation that causes pain. In addition, it can relieve muscle tension by releasing so-called "hard formations" of tissue. In other words, an in-depth elimination of muscle contracts is achieved. Moreover, Deep Tissue massage helps to eliminate toxins from the body, thus preventing premature aging.

Deep Tissue massage is recommended for all those who want to try a new method, 100% natural body revitalization! Visit Deep body massage in kailash colony

Communication is essential - in life in general, but also when you go to a salon! Don't hesitate to talk openly with our team about the intensity of the Deep Tissue massage you want!

Each person supports the massage and the intensity of the presses differently, depending on the personal sensitivity. What for some is just an ordinary massage in kailash colony, for the most sensitive may already be "pain". Deep Tissue massage is intense, but it does not have to be painful.

Deep Tissue massage is contraindicated in the case of: surgery done recently or before surgery, wearing of metal rods, open wounds, skin diseases, serious heart disease, pregnancy, heavy menstrual period.

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