Massage With Honey - Relaxes The Muscles And Nourishes The Skin


Massage with honey - relaxes the muscles and nourishes the skin

Massage and spa treatments are a good way to relax the muscles in the body as well as relieve pain and stiffness in the back. There are many different types and techniques and oils for massage, but the benefits and qualities of honey and sundae massage favor the skin, muscles and the entire body.


Whether used externally on the skin or consumed as a healthy alternative to sugar, honey is high in vitamins and minerals and is extremely skin-friendly.


Honey is a natural remedy that helps to heal cuts, scratches and scars on the skin. According to some homeopaths, the bee product may also be useful in the treatment of cancer. Honey can also be used as an alternative to massage oils.


Honey massage is an ancient method of treatment. Traditional Swedish massage uses a variety of oils to help the massage therapist move his hands more easily through the skin and muscles.


Because honey is a very sticky substance, its use as an alternative to massage oil has almost the opposite effect.


When, after massaging and rubbing with honey, it becomes more sticky, it changes its texture, turning into white grainy balls on the skin. According to practitioners of honey and sundae massage, honey is not only absorbed into the skin, thus nourishing it, but it also eliminates toxic substances. This is due to the sticky consistency of the honey and the suction effect of the technique used.


This massage not only relaxes the muscles and tones us, but it also significantly improves the condition of the skin.


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