Is The Big Bang Theory Of Our Evolution More Credible Than The Holy Bible And The Book Of Genesis?

Is the Big Bang Theory of Our Evolution More Credible Than the Holy Bible and the Book of Genesis?

Is the Big Bang Theory of Our Evolution More Credible Than the Holy Bible and the Book of Genesis?

Before answering this question we must firstLife Wisdom Matrix Reviewunderstand the core message of the Holy Bible. The bible is a spiritual book written solely for one purpose, salvation of mankind. It is geared towards us having a passage into the kingdom of God. We may think that we live for ourselves but the truth is we live for God to die again unto him and be resurrected into his kingdom.

The big bang theory makes a lot of sense until we ask the question what caused the bang in the first place. If we can answer this question then the next one after that would be what caused, that which caused the bang? Another theory to make matters comprehensible is to assume there was a black hole in the beginning. Then the next question is what caused this black hole, and yes you are right, the one after this is what caused that which created the black hole? As you can see there are no answers because the invisible created that which is visible.

Let's look at a simple example, we have a thought or idea, we write it down, we put parts to it and eventually we have an object that we have created. It is our creation - if this is a car, then the records would show that man created a car. What the record never shows is where the idea or thought came from. Let's be even more simplistic here, we could say that we looked at what was around us and decided to put these pieces together for this great idea.

Unfortunately the next question would be why the thought? Why the big idea? Remember the situation with the big bang theory above, well the same applies here, the whys surpass what ever answers we might give because there are no answers using our physical sense of understanding. The fact remains that the invisible created the visible. An idea is not visible, the end product of an idea is.


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