What Are The Simple Ways To Change Hotmail Password?


What are the simple ways to Change Hotmail Password?

After Google’s Gmail Hotmail is the world’s second biggest free email service provider. Ever since it is being acquired by the Microsoft in 1997, Hotmail offers access to other services such as Windows Live ID, Xbox Live and Skype. Now, you can even Change Hotmail Password and profile photos too whenever you want. This email service has now been updated to become Outlook.com. That means users who login their hotmail account will be automatically taken to Outlook website. These two are the world’s most admired email providers with more than 700 million visitors combined. 


Additional information about Hotmail

In this modern age of hyper-connectivity, email providers like Hotmail and Outlook are indispensable for efficiency. The systems of Hotmail are fully integrated means that you don’t need two logins. With the help of an additional feature by Microsoft you can add an outlook alias to your Hotmail account. An alias is basically an email address that you added to your account.

Sometimes, the tools of Hotmail can also be cause of major headaches if these are mismanaged. The issues are basically ranging from spreading computer viruses to the theft of important data. The simplest way to stay safe online is to protect your password.

If you ever in doubt that someone is accessing your email account devoid of your consent, then immediately you need to change your hotmail password.

Look at the steps to change hotmail password in a simplest way

  • This can be done by clicking on the change password, enter your current password and tap on sign in.
  • After that, Outlook will require to authenticate your identity.
  • This can be easily done by sending and entering the one time password that you receive via mobile phone of email.
  • After verifying your hotmail account, simply enter your current password, then new password, and at last click Confirm.
  • Finally, tap on Next, and an email will be sent that confirms that your hotmail password has been changed.

For Hotmail Change Password, we highly recommend choosing a strong combination of additional symbols, characters and numeric. Else, you can also take assistance from skilled connoisseurs of our team. Just make a call at given number and there you are connected with them. For sure, they will offer you proper solution in an efficient manner. 

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