Step By Step Instructions To Investigate 3800 Printer Issues On Windows PCs


Step by step instructions to investigate 3800 printer issues on Windows PCs

The 3800 paperless office isn't here yet for a large number of us, and printers are as yet an unavoidable truth. In the event that your printer isn't working superbly on a Windows PC, here are some basic investigating tips that can fix it.

Obviously, the first steps are the most obvious. Verify that your pro 3800 printer is plugged in, powered and connected to your computer (or Wi-Fi network, if it is a Wi-Fi printer). This may sound obvious, but sometimes we forget to investigate simple things before examining more complex ones.

Check the paper

First, make sure that your HP Officejet pro 3800 printer support number is in proper working condition. Verify that the printer has paper load if it is not printing. Even if you are loaded paper, you may still need to align the paper properly, so that the printer can use it. Check inside the printer to make sure the printer is prevented from working. If there is, you may need to manually remove the jammed paper and clean things.

Check ink or toner

Of course, you'll need enough ink (if it's an inkjet printer) or toner (if it's a laser printer) before HP Officejet pro 3800 printer Drivers printing. Even if you are only printing in black-white, some inkjet printers may refuse to print until your color ink is refilled.

To check your printer's ink level on Windows, open the Device and Printer window in Windows. You can do this by opening the Control Panel and clicking "View Devices and Printers" under Hardware and Sound. You may be able to select the printer by clicking it and see this information at the bottom of the window, or right-click the printer, select "Properties", and look for ink or toner levels.

Many HP Officejet pro 3800 printer helpline number printers report that information is found here, although not all do so - it depends on the printer and its drivers. You can also view this information on the printer if it has a built-in status display.

Check print queue dialog

Printing problems can also occur due to issues with Windows. To ensure that nothing is going wrong, open the Print Queue dialog in Windows. You can open that printer by right-clicking in the device and printer windows and selecting "What is printing". If you see an old document that cannot print with an error, click the document here and delete it. If the printer's job is stopped, you can resume it from here.

You should also click the "Printer" menu here and verify that "Use Printer Offline" is not enabled. If this option is checked, remove the checkmark to disable it.


Install, update, or reinstall your printer drivers

If it is not working properly, you may have to install, update, or reinstall the printer drivers. Printers should ideally "just work" and have their drivers automatically installed by Windows, but this does not always work. To do this, go to your printer manufacturer's website, download their driver package and run the driver installer. This will walk you through installing the printer driver and locating your printer.

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