Different Treatments For Sunburn

Different Treatments for Sunburn

Different Treatments for Sunburn

Anyone who has experienced sunburn would knowNolatreve Anti Aging Reviewall about the heat and the pain that comes with them. They are burns after all so they can also be rated as either first, second or third degree burns. This means that there are treatments for the burns which could be beneficial, or they could just plain fail. It is typical to feel the pain of the sunburn the following day, not on the day of the beach experience itself. And this is where the difficulty comes in, a lot of people tend to ignore treating their burns on the day that they get them and only treat them when they are already feeling the pain.

One of the secrets of 'beach bums' is to treat the burn as it is happening - by cooling down the skin. Some take several cool showers in the course of the day; this prevents the increase in temperature on the skin's surface. In fact, a lot of serious sun burn can be prevented when taking several cool showers at the beach itself. Then there is the after sun lotion. There are now a lot of after sun lotions in the market today and most of them claim the cooling powers of natural herbs like aloe vera. These work well, but they would not be that successful if the skin is not cooled down first with a shower. With the application of the lotion, the temperature on the skin will lower and this will prevent serious sunburns.

For more serious burns where there are blisters formed, then these should be treated as second degree burns. Some people think the blisters will get better if they prick the blisters and peel off the skin. This is the worst thing that they can do, best to leave the blisters alone, take a cool bath, but use only ordinary tap water, there is no need to add ice for the low temperature could disrupt the internal temperature of the body and the body could go in shock. Then, it is also important to get assessed in the emergency room for there are some blisters which could get infected if they are not treated with proper medications.



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