Moisturizers 101 - Choosing The Right One

Moisturizers 101 - Choosing the Right One

Moisturizers 101 - Choosing the Right One

I know for most men it can be a difficult decision to choose a  Nolatreve Anti Aging Review skin care product. The reason being most men do not spent time looking at cosmetic products. Some men are fortunate to have a wife or girlfriend to help with this selection, however most times the women tend to purchase products they too will use.

Men skin care need to be different from women in most cases because men skin is tougher and oilier so they need products that will soften their skin and get rid of the excess oil without making their skin dry. Most of the men skin care products available on the market today consist of harsh chemicals such al alcohol, fragrance, parabens, dioxane, mineral oil, triclosan and toulene. These substances have been proven to produce negative side effects after prolonged use.

The sad part is they are used in most of the cosmetic products sold on the market today. You have to wonder to yourself why is it cosmetic manufacturers are allowed to use harmful ingredients in their products. They are not regulated by any government body. Men need to look for specific ingredients which have been formulated to heal and repair their skin.

Because men shave they suffer from irritated and inflamed skin which can make them miserable. To soothe irritated skin you should use natural ingredients that will not cause any further damage. Look for a substance known as Witch Hazel as this has been found to effectively repair and sooth irritated skin caused from shaving. It is a natural astringent and antioxidant and works well on any skin type.


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