Values Based Financial Planning: Which Way From Here?

Values Based Financial Planning: Which Way From Here?

Values Based Financial Planning: Which Way From Here?

Now, we see that there are really many sources of income. Instead Abundance With Money Review of spending so much money for consumption, it is wise to invest it on something that can give us income to spend. Our active income is something that we should save and our passive income is the one that we can spend. Therefore, our wise decisions are also sources of passive income.

In this modern age it is incredible that schools do not know how to teach children about money. Sure, they know how to teach children. Just not about money. Why. Because teachers are usually not taught about money either leaving them somewhat helpless to teach children about money and parents are not necessarily any better at it either.

I believe that every teacher and parent wants to help a child in any way they can and that is what teaching and parenting is really all about, but is it enough to learn about Geography, History, Art and Music when money is left not taught. Every one of us needs to deal in the world with money, but we don't all need to know where Papua New Guinea is, or who painted the ceiling in some European church or public building.

The best way to help a child is to empower them financially so that when they leave school they understand the importance of money and how to earn it, save it, use it and to amass more of it. Helping children is not difficult provided the help we are providing has meaning to their lives. I am not against learning about Geography or Art, or History or Music but I am against leaving school teachers to teach our kids on subjects that they themselves have not been taught, let alone the skills to teach others, children or not.


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