Easy Steps To Activate My Microsoft Office


Easy Steps to Activate My Microsoft office

Microsoft office is widely used Microsoft product, which helps you to complete various users’ tasks and demands. Microsoft office 2019 is a new version available, and it comes with new amazing features and improved safety.

Most users prefer to MS office 365, which is known as a cloud-based subscription product. The activation key is attached to your email account, and you should make renewal of subscription according to your plan. But still, if you are not fully prepared for the cloud, you should choose lifetime period licenses over the subscriptions and plans, office 2019/2016 may be the right way for you. This complete guide helps you how to activate your copy of MS office. How Do I Activate My Microsoft Office? You can follow some tips suggested by our experts or you can call our technical support experts.


How to check out office activation status?

It is not certain about the version or activation status of your copy of MS office. These instructions can assist you to find the similar.

  • You need to open any office application such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Select to file>account
  • The activation status is displaying under product information section. If it shows that the product is activated, it shows that you have an authentically licensed copy of MS office. A Yellow color displayed icon that reads product activation needed shows that you should activate MS office. Learn how to activate MS office properly.

Check activation status with the help of CMD. You must follow these instructions to check activation status using CMD.

  • Identify MS office installation folder
  • Open an innovative command window
  • Enter CD<office installation path>
  • Now, you have to carry out cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus
  • After the process of running the script, you can see the present license status. In addition, you can observe the expiry date in the last 5 characters of your product key and other same information.

Easy steps to activate Ms Office-

Here are some important steps to activate Microsoft office in the right ways. Let us explain them step by step.

Sign into office with the help of MS account-

If you’re installing office on a new computer system again, or you have previously bought a license, you do not require any product keys. In its place, all users should sign in using the similar MS account that you used to purchase the license.

MS office will automatically choose the appropriate license from your account. If users have multiple office licenses attached to your account, office will record all of them, and you can choose which license that you want to use for activation.

This is a simple and safe of activating your copy of MS office. You should follow it, and you don’t maintain product keys anywhere. Here are some important steps to activate office by signing in.

  • You should open any kind of office applications like Word, and Excel.
  • A pop-up will display you to sign-in, and you can click on sign in option. Or you can move to File >Account> Product activation.
  • You must enter the identifications for the account that has an office license attached to it.



You must choose a license shown in the list. It is only applicable, if you have several licenses. Thus by following all these steps, you can activate MS office properly. Still, if you have any confusion or How Do I Contact Microsoft Office Support, you can call our certified outlook experts immediately. Online certified experts will help you rightly to activate MS office.

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