The Best Damn Exercise Method For Burning Belly Fat, Period!

The Best Damn Exercise Method for Burning Belly Fat, Period!

The Best Damn Exercise Method for Burning Belly Fat, Period!

It is very important to practice proper form. Not only will it  Metabolic Stretching Review benefit you a lot more, it will also keep you free from injury. So here's a run through of what proper form consists of. Here in this section we will talk about mainly 2 different types of cardio which are HIIT High Intensity Interval Training and LISS Low Intensity Steady State and later in this section we will talk about most likely the biggest controversy of all which is when to do the cardio.

This type of cardio is quite amazing at what it can do if you do it correctly. In a nutshell HIIT cardio is done only a 20-30 mins total. But in that amount of time you will be sweating bullets if the intensity is high. The following in a example of HIIT cardio. You may be asking yourself which do I choose. It really all depends on time frame and what your looking to get out of it.

HIIT is great for on the run and burns more calories then LISS but at high intensity carbs are used more to fuel the workout since it is so intense then after carbs it would be the muscle stores which we do not want to happen. LISS is longer and burns less calories then HIIT but uses fat more as fuel then carbs since it is not so intense. Why not use both such as LISS on your lifting days and HIIT on your off days. So it really is up to you in which fits your lifestyle best.

This is the most controversial issue I would say with cardio. The truth is whenever it´s best for you. There is no better or best way but just a window of opportunity where it can be more effective. The 2 biggest times debated are in the morning before breakfast on a empty stomach or after lifting weights.


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