Zjnanyangmotor Teach You Test Washer Motor


Zjnanyangmotor Teach You Test Washer Motor


If your washing machine fails to start or makes strange noises, it could be the motor. The motor operates the drum and pump. Washer Motor should last a long time, but when they do go out, it usually is due to poor maintenance.

However, just because the motor fails doesn't beggarly it is the problem. It is brash to accomplish a analysis to actuate the absolute could cause of the washer not starting. Here are tips to troubleshoot a abrasion apparatus motor.

Locate the motor on your unit, apropos to your owners manual, if needed. Check the motor for dirt. Sometimes, clay accumulates in the motor and prevents the metal contacts from closing.

The motor may accomplish a bustling complete that causes an added top current, which burns out the motor. In some cases, the top voltage causes a botheration in the alpha ambagious (the allotment amenable for creating torque) that prohibits it from operating properly. Clean the motor bearings, and analysis again.

Check the drive belt for tension. Abrasion apparatus belts accomplish analogously to car belts. Too abundant astriction on the belt could ache the motor. Check your chiral for the actual tension, and analysis the apparatus again.

Disconnect the two motor affairs application pliers. You may adopt to yield a account to advice you anamnesis how the affairs connect.

Digital mulimeters are easier to use than analog, and the after-effects are added reliable. You will apprehension several settings on the multimeter, including resistance, AC, DC, and current. In this case, you are testing resistance.

Always anchor the elastic handles on the multimeter. Blow a screwdriver brand to one terminal and the shaft to the added terminal. This removes any accepted that ability remain.

Set the multimeter on the everyman setting, or RX1. Blow a delving to a metal tab. You should get a 0 account or a amount abreast 0. An absolute account indicates a bootless motor.

Remove one probe, and blow it to the motor carapace to analysis ground. A 0 account agency the wire isn't ashore properly. Analysis the added tab.

Restore power to the washing machine. For more information about washer motors, you can click https://www.zjnanyangmotor.com/



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