Hospitality And Obedience Lot, Nephew Of Abraham

Hospitality and Obedience Lot, Nephew of Abraham

Hospitality and Obedience Lot, Nephew of Abraham

Although they ended up settling in different areas because of strife amongst the herdsmen of Lot, the fates of Abraham and Lot remained intertwined. Lot went on to settle in the city of Sodom. Despite the evil and wicked ways of its inhabitants, Lot had never forgotten the kinder teachings of his uncle. Although most of his neighbors treated strangers cruelly, Lot maintained the more hospitable way of living that he had learned from Abraham.

When Abraham hears from God that the city of Sodom will be destroyed, he pleads with him, knowing his nephew Lot lives there. Finally God tells Abraham that the city will not be destroyed if he can find ten righteous men. Meanwhile, Abraham welcomes angels disguised as men to his tents and sends them forward to Sodom.

The story relates that these strangers, actually angels, were welcomed by Lot. A mob surrounded the house of Lot demanding the killing of the strangers, but the angels prevailed, struck the mob with blindness and pulled Lot back into his home.

Since ten righteous men were not found in the city of Sodom, Lot is warned by the angels to leave immediately. Although his sons-in-law are Sodomites and refuse to go, Lot leaves with the angels, his wife and his unwed daughters. As soon as Lot and his family have departed the city, the city is destroyed.



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