Clear Intention Great Results

Clear Intention Great Results

Clear Intention Great Results

It seems like sound advice and certainly has the potentialUltra Manifestation Reviewof getting you what you what. However, now that I have started working with the intention, rather than the means, I have found an amazing phenomenon emerging.Not long ago I posted an idea on Facebook. It was a challenge to my Facebook friends to change a little something in the way that they moved through their day.

Here is what I said: "Who is up for an experiment today? Instead of focusing on how to accomplish goals, visualize the most desired outcome for today. See what happens! The pathway is often beyond our present imagination. Dreams may come true in ways we cannot presently conceive - hmm, what a good word to use right there. Conceive: to create, starting with a conception, a thought, an idea. Allow the development to follow (not lead)."

So I contemplated what I really wanted to create for myself - my intention for my life, and then my intentions on a day to day basis.

My overall intention is to expand my consciousness and awareness...sustainably, which means that it has to be fun and bring in energy and life, not drain it from me.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love travel, adventure, learning languages and experiencing different cultures. So, instead of focusing on how I would make enough money to be able to take my next trip, I just focused on where I wanted to go and what experience I wanted to come away with.


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