Personal Training At Metropolitan Abascal

Personal training at Metropolitan Abascal

Personal training at Metropolitan Abascal

Personal training at Metropolitan Abascal

What we can do is provide you with the tips and tricks so that you train as efficiently as possible. When the goal is to burn fat and lose weight in the shortest time possible we have to be effective and that, sometimes, is complicated. To reach a goal there are several ways, there is no universal magic formula that works for everyone. It is important to respect the principle of individuality and the physical and personal characteristics of each one of us, however, there are some aspects that it is important to forget and demystify.


Traditionally it was thought that the best way to lose weight was to walk, run, ride a bike or any other sport of aerobic type, maintained over time and not too much intensity (to encourage the energy substrate to be fats and not muscle glycogen , which is used when the activity exceeds a certain intensity).

This type of exercise comes to consume around 300 calories per hour (these calculations depend on many factors: age, weight, height, type of exercise, heart rate ...) and its impact on our metabolism is noted up to three hours after having finished the activity. Once you read this you can think, it's not bad, but the reality is that its effectiveness is far from desired.

The impact of that training on us is reduced to certain minutes during its development and up to three hours after its conclusion, but with a much lower percentage of action, something that is not very effective if we need to lose fat in the shortest possible time.

Another aspect that does not encourage too much is that by combining these exercises with a diet of a hypocaloric nature is often favoring the loss of muscle tissue, something that slows down even more our metabolism.


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