Survival Shelters And Kits


Survival Shelters And Kits

The spreader-cutters are used in fire rescue operations Easy Cellar and they are combination tools that have the capabilities of cutting open with the hydraulic pump gives power to a piston that pushes the blades hard that are specified to cut as well as open up the doors. Pump when enacted in reverse position closes the blades and thus enabling the victim to pass free through the gap made by the combi-extrication tool.

Rams are hydraulic tools used to impact the enclosure and break it a particular place to make hole to put in the spreaders and cutters for further extrication purpose. The Rams are of various types that use single piston, dual piston, and telescopic type. The Rams use more hydraulic fluid then other tools and pump needs enough capacity to allow the ram to reach full extension.The hydraulic fluid pressure powers extrication tools; supplied through power units. The power source may be separate unit, usually a petrol motor connected through hydraulic power. The hydraulic pressure is generated in the pump and is fed to the hose of the extrication tools.


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