What To Do During A Sudden Earthquake

 What to Do During a Sudden Earthquake

What to Do During a Sudden Earthquake

It is usual human tendency to panic when something as stable and concrete as the earth Final Survival Plan starts to tremble and shudder. People generally tend to run outside if the inside of a building starts moving, or if the inside of a moving vehicle is unstable. However, such actions could cause greater damage than what an earthquake could cause by itself. In fact rescue teams around the world and also natural disaster researchers have concluded that running out or standing in a doorway is appropriate reaction in case of a tremor. This is an absolute myth and infact such measures cause more harm. The basic method of keeping oneself safe during an earthquake as has been unanimously agreed my specialists and researchers in this field the world over, is the 'drop, cover, hold on' method.
In case you are inside a building when an earthquake takes place the immediate reaction should be to fall on the fall on the floor find a table or a cupboard, take refuge beneath it and hold on to it. In case there is no such furniture in the room one must run to the corner of the room sit down and cover the head and neck by placing the arms over them, thereby protecting the whole body more or less.

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