How To Handle Heat Stroke And Dehydration

 How to Handle Heat Stroke and Dehydration

How to Handle Heat Stroke and Dehydration

In case one is outside, its safe to keep a distance from building lampposts and high extension wires Final Survival Plan as there always lurks the possibility of a severer tremor and the collapsing of buildings around. The same safety precautions must be taken by people in a moving v ehicle who would stop the vehicle and stay inside it, possibly away from buildings walls and electricity wires.
However if the earthquake has already taken its toll and you're trapped inside a collapsed structure, its advisable to cover the mouth with a cloth as dust can go inside and choke a person to death. Also minimum movements should be made as too much movement might make the structure collapse further and cause fatal damage.
Depending on where you live, you may be more or less concerned with natural disasters. For anybody who has experienced a hurricane, flood, or earthquake, it's probably always at the back of their mind. For others who have been blessed by living in areas that haven't seen serious disasters lately, they likely don't worry about it much. The truth is that, regardless of where you live, disasters can happen. When disasters do happen, what are you going to do to feed yourself and your loved ones?

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