Basics Of Website Development


Basics of Website Development

When you send multiple attachments with an electronic message, this is made possible by MIME. MIME uses five encoding formats to ensure all types of binary data are sent. They include 7bit, 8bit, quoted-printable, base64 and binary. The good thing with MIME is that it can also use other encoding formats since it is very flexible. It can use uuencode too to convert binary data that is in 7 bit to 8 bit so that is humanly readable for easy understanding. MIME types enable the web browser to know how the particular content a user is trying to send will be transmitted. Content types have been growing in number and it is up to the web administrator to add them to the server's configuration so that data supporting the content type will be sent easily. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has the authority to assign the MIME content types, subtypes, character sets, and access types. People with new media types are allowed to register them with the IANA to be included in the list of MIME types.

All MIME types have their own type of files they support and the associated extensions for the file. For instance, Microsoft Word document files have the extension 'doc' while GIF image files have the extension 'man'. A MIME type such as mime application/pdf is for Adobe PDF documents while text/HTML is used for normal web pages and mime application/XHTML XML is used for XHTML (HTML as XML). Sometimes you may send data with an incorrect MIME type which the web server should report back to the web administrator as an error. The web browsers are not supposed to know how you intended to send the data but sometimes they guess the MIME type and transmit the data. This leads to messages being received in a way not intended such as wrong formats. It is important to check that the MIME type you have specified for your content is the correct one.

I have been seeing a lot of people who are so desperate to get a website up that they are going with site builders and free templates. Most site builders do come with free hosting which can be beneficial as long as the host doesn't make you put ads on your site. Very unprofessional! Site builders are also very common among MLM sites. Free templates are everywhere. There are free templates for basic HTML, CSS, WordPress, and Joomla sites. A lot of the free templates are very nice and very professional. You can tell that the people creating them really enjoy their work and are good at it. Best of all they're FREE!

There is nothing wrong with DIY. If it is honestly all you can do, then you can get buy temporarily that way, but you will have to learn a LOT to do a competent job and create a site that actually works to earn for your business. Below are a couple of things you need to be aware of when using site builders or free templates. Limited Customization Chances are with site builders they tell you that the sites are able to be customized without HTML knowledge and without much effort. While some of this may be true, chances are you are extremely limited to what you can do to make them yours. You may be able to add your own text, maybe even change the colors but the site always looks the same. And since they are offered with every hosting account, you do not truly have a one of a kind unique website.


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