Your Success Is Not My Success


Your Success is Not My Success

The fact is that rather than take personal responsibility for their lives, they would rather blame their boss, economic conditions, or anything else outside themselves for their living conditions. It is easier to blame the world than take responsibility for your their own actions. It sometimes seems like people are happy to be miserable and misery loves company. Take responsibility for your actions and thoughts and you will create the life of your desires.

Set a target-If you're looking for wealth, success and self-fulfillment and you don't have a target, you guarantee that you're going to miss. Even more important is to set a target that creates love and joy in your life. It's an old cliché, but do what you love and love what you do and the money will follow. All too often people spend all their time ruminating on past failures and destroy their current and future life. Ponder the possibilities-how happy would you be when you receive this success you dream of. If your goal is wealth, think of all the joy that will bring to you and all the good that you can do for others. This alone will give you all the motivation you need to become successful. Procrastination is never a problem for a person who is driven by a burning desire to create a new reality of wealth, success and self fulfillment.

Blow off the detractors-Friends, family and coworkers may try to detract you from the path of self-fulfillment. Sometimes they think it is in your own best interest and other times they are simply envious of what you are creating. Either way, it doesn't matter. The person who knows what is best for you is you. Choose your path wisely and don't let the detractors sway you from the path and you will manifest your dream life.

Never say die. As Nike says: just do it. There are no obstacles so great you cannot overcome them. All too often followers of the path of self-fulfillment will get within 1% of success and then one little obstacle seems to be totally unbearable and they let their dreams die. Never let failure be an option. The only time we ever truly fail is when we quit and that has never been and option for me. You must do the same or make the decision to be happy in your misery. There are no halfway. Demand success and you will manifest this reality.


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