Make Money Through Product Funnel Creation


Make Money Through Product Funnel Creation

First, you need to actually write the article. If you are an expert in an area then this could be very easy. If you're not an expert in the area you are going to promote, then this could be a little more difficult. Not to worry though, doing the research is very easy and will not take that long. I am sure you have written a paper for school at least once. Writing an article is about the same, except you are going to expect to make money from the article instead of getting a good grade.

Once you do the necessary research on the topic all you need to do is write out a 350 to 500-word article that is full of content. You do not want this to be a huge sales pitch. For one, it will not get accepted in most of the article directories and your readers will not appreciate it. Next, you need to write out a killer resource box. A resource box is an area in the article that comes at the very end where you get to pitch your product or service with a live link.

Every article directory that I have dealt with allows a resource box. The great thing about a resource box is you can put links to your products you want to promote. This also helps build backlinks to your site which is also awesome. Last, all you need to do is to submit your articles to a couple of article directories. I actually only use one article directory at the moment.

This is an awesome directory and gets tons of traffic every month. Actually, if you are reading this article you are either on the EzineArticles site, or a publisher has published this article from that site. So, that is one marketing strategy to make money online. Three simple steps are all it takes. You really need to start right away and focus on making your first dollar online. It will not be hard but you must stay focused.


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