Success Is A Function Of Vision


Success Is A Function Of Vision

Sadly, as time flew by, we experienced setbacks. Instead of experiencing those setbacks as learning experiences, they were viewed as evidence of personal flaws. In many cases, the self-image suffered permanent damages. Anyone who is serious about a life of success and achievement has to restore that winning self-image. Until that is accomplished, the best intentions and the best techniques on self-improvement are not much more than vague and ephemeral theories. We have to be... before we can do... before we can have.

In today's environment our definitions of what represents success may have changed, but the personal qualities that create the opportunity for success haven't. And when things are really tough, as they are right now for so many, it's essential to review where we stand with those essential qualities. A recent Boston Globe article concludes that genius will get you somewhere, but to get to the top you have to have grit. The article goes on to say that recent research indicates old-fashioned virtues such as conscientiousness and perseverance are better determinants of success than intelligence.

In an article in Business Week, Angela Duckworth, a psychologist at The University of Pennsylvania states that after tracking the careers of her classmates at Harvard, she concluded that the most successful were the ones that identified a goal early on and stuck with it, rather than the equally smart folks that flitted from one thing to another. Whether its the Boston Globe, Ralph Waldo Emerson or Angela Duckworth, all agree on an essential ingredient to success is grit, or call it self-discipline, persistence, determination - they are all part of the same thing.

Grit is another way of describing someone who sticks with it, doesn't let obstacles keep them from moving ahead and finishes what they start. It describes someone who focuses on an outcome and strives to meet it - realizing that flexibility is required - knowing that when things don't go well, they can adapt and seek resources to help them press on. In the classic movie True Grit, the title describes the heroine - a young woman who is determined to find and bring to justice the killer of her father. She succeeds - it's not easy and she has helped - but she never gives up until he is brought to justice.


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