What Is Memory, And How Exactly Does It Work


What is memory, and how exactly does it work

Resisting or burying one's emotions would only Focus Max Review move it soThere are two stereotypes in circulation about aging and mental ability - a negative one and a positive one. We associate aging with becoming slower, less 'on the ball', and with memory loss. We also may link aging with the idea of wisdom and negotiation skills - useful for many contemporary social problems.

In our arguably youth-centred culture, exercising more cynicism, we may reflect and assume that there will indeed be scientific evidence for the negative stereotype but not the positive one. We may assume that the positive stereotype exists just to make older people feel better about their lot. But what we find in fact is that both stereotypes find support. That in some very important domains being older puts a person at an intellectual advantage. Cognition can be better in old age compared to young adulthood and being middle aged.




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