Know What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes In Order To Find A Good Treatment To Control Them


Know What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes in Order to Find a Good Treatment to Control Them

<top> Revitol Skin Tag Removal Review​_The human body has two sets of sweat glands. The apocrine glands - which lie in the armpits and the genital areas - are the ones that give off an odor. The secretion they exude reacts to the surface of the skin, releasing what we know as body odor. It is therefore advisable to keep the area clean and dry a much as possible. Since hair provides a retention site for the sweat, the problem can be greatly lessened by shaving off underarm hair.

The other set of sweat glands are the eccrine glands, which lie all over the skin's surface. Their main function is to control the body's temperature. When the temperature rises, sweat serves to cool the body surface. The eccrine glands do not produce odor, but if skin areas are allowed to remain moist, a fungus can set in.

<top> Revitol Skin Tag Removal Review


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