Is Extreme Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes Becoming More Common Among American Children?


Is Extreme Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Becoming More Common Among American Children?

First, hereditary of inherited. Our ancestors who have Type 2 Diabetes Defeated Diabetes tend to pass through the disease to its successor. For example, a pregnant mother that has Diabetes has a high risk of passing the disease to the baby inside her womb since her baby's life is dependent to her. Second is age factor. Though diabetes occurs in all ages, 70%-80% of the cases have ages 50 years old and above. You know why? Older people have a high risk of acquiring diabetes than younger ones.Food choice is also one of the factors that greatly influence the risk of being a diabetic. Too much of something is dangerous. Too much sweets, sugar, fats, commercial preservatives are some of the common examples. It is not like we are limiting ourselves for those stuffs, what is meant is to minimize.

Well, Diabetes is not that easy to cure. It requires dedication, constant monitoring, carefulness and control. Diabetic persons are more likely to have liver cancer, heart stack and other crucial diseases as a complication. Living life in moderation is really true. Prevention is better than cure, so, experts recommend living our lives in moderation so as not to suffer if we are older. It is rewarding to die knowing that the live we've left is a wholesome and worth living for.
The secret to managing your blood sugar levels is to monitor your blood sugar at specific times during the day. You will be able to detect patterns and effectively deal with highs and lows, avoiding the unpleasant side effects associated with erratic sugar levels.


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